Cuban Shrimp


Cuban Shrimp

Cuban Shrimp
Ben Gebo

This dish delivers the big flavors of Cuban comfort food. It starts with a sofrito (onions, peppers, and garlic sautéed in olive oil) and classic spices (cumin, smoked paprika, and oregano). It ends with tomatoes and shrimp. The savory result works as an elegant appetizer or homey main course—spoonable over brown rice, bulgur, or whole wheat orzo. A simple green salad completes the meal. If you’re hot for a side dish, try Roasted Garlic Green Beans, Roasted Garlic Asparagus, or Broiled Summer Squash with Roasted Pepper Oil. Tips: In a pinch, regular paprika can sub for the smoked kind. Also, you can use almost any type of canned tomatoes. If you only have whole ones, chop coarsely before adding.

Per serving: 178 calories, 5 g total fat, 1 g saturated fat, 172 mg cholesterol, 9 g total carbohydrate, 2 g dietary fiber, 24 g protein, 404 mg sodium.

Estimated Cook Time: 30 - 60 minutes.
Difficulty: Easy.
Servings: 6

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  1. TeenyLittleSuperChef

    Oh wow, this recipe sounds so incredibly yummy. I’m always looking for new and fun ways to jazz up a shrimp dish, and this one sounds perfect– and so simple too. Thanks for the great recipe :)

  2. TH Team

    To the person who left an obscene angry message on this page in response to not finding the recipe: We regret that we cannot publish your comment. However, we would be happy to send you the recipe if you contact us via We actually tried to send it to you, but the email bounced back to us.

    One purpose of this website is to introduce people to Trufflehead so that they will have some idea what they are getting if they decide to buy it. We post each recipe for 1 week only. We do not archive them because that would decrease the value of the app for people who have bought it. If you had contacted us by email at the time, we would have sent the recipe to you immediately and your night would not have been ruined.

    Going forward, we will post a notice on every recipe indicating that it will only be available for 1 week. Again, we apologize for your frustration and disappointment.

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