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A Note from the Founder
Deborah Chud, MD

Oh please, just call me Deborah. As a mother, I want to see everyone eating healthfully. But I’m not your mother, so I know that nagging you to eat well isn’t going to work. (It wouldn’t work even if I were your mother.)

Honestly, I know that it can be really hard to cook at all, much less prepare food on a budget that’s tasty and good for you. I know because I’ve been doing it for thirty years for my own family and as a cookbook author and food blogger. During that time, I’ve come up with lots of simple strategies and techniques that make healthy, delicious cooking easier, and I want to share those tips with you.

That’s why I created Trufflehead. It isn’t just an amazing iPhone and iPad app that makes healthy meals easy and fun for cooks of all skill levels. It’s a mindset and a lifestyle. It’s not only about cooking from healthy recipes, it’s about learning how to be a healthy cook–learning how to experiment with making any recipe healthier, and sharing your adventures with like-minded people.

That’s what Trufflehead.com, the companion website to the app, is all about. Here you’ll meet people like you who want to have fun learning how to transform all kinds of recipes. You’ll exchange tips and tricks and see how other cooks experiment with Trufflehead recipes to make them even better. But most important, once you start cooking with Trufflehead, you’ll have so much fun doing it that you’ll never want to look back.

So what are you waiting for? Let Trufflehead help you make it happen in the kitchen. I promise not to nag.

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Please note: The Trufflehead app and website are not a substitute for medical advice. Any concerns or questions regarding dietary restrictions or food sensitivities should be discussed with your personal physician.