A Trufflehead Thanksgiving

A feast on the healthy side
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A Trufflehead Thanksgiving | Truffle Cooking Community and Food Blog

I’m hosting Thanksgiving dinner for a few friends. All of us are into fitness and healthy food, and we don’t want to feel gross afterwards. So we’d like to try to keep things on the healthy side. I own Trufflehead. Can you suggest a menu that will seem special without being too hard? Sharon G.

We like to start with soup. Parsnip and Sweet Potato Bisque, which we featured last week, is super-easy and can be made several days in advance. You can just re-heat in the microwave.

If your group is small, you may want to save time, money, and stress by roasting a boneless turkey breast instead of a whole bird. We’ve got it down to a science, and—with an instant-read thermometer—there’s no question when it’s done. We serve it with our Chunky Port and Dried Cranberry Sauce. It adds a bit of sweetness that brings out the best in turkey, and people go nuts over it. They really do. We’re not fans of traditional cranberry sauce (or even nouveau salsas, relishes, etc.). Here the cranberriness is just for fun.

On the side, we love Bourbon Pecan Sweet Potatoes; Brussels Sprouts with Spanish Onion and Kielbasa; Roasted Beets with Madeira, Orange, and Honey; and Roasted Garlic Green Beans. Several days in advance, you can roast the potatoes, beets, and pecans and you can also steam the Brussels sprouts. The day before, you can trim the beans, chop the Spanish onion, mince the garlic, and slice the kielbasa. Early in the day on Thanksgiving, finish the sprouts, beets, and potatoes. You can microwave them just before serving. Only the beans have to be cooked at the last minute, and they’re ridiculously easy.

After doing this, you may not want to bake your own pies, so ask your friends to bring dessert.

If these options don’t work for you, just type “Thanksgiving” into the search window on the Trufflehead home page and see lots more.

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  1. Visda Goudarzi

    what a great collection of healthy and tasty recipes for Thanksgiving. As much as I tried to cut down the meal, it was still too much. These dishes that you put together are really fantastic.

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